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Jeff Bezos, founder of Amazon and now the world’s second wealthiest man once said;

“Your brand is what other people say about you when you’re not in the room.”

Jeff’s clearly a visionary business leader who gets brand. But for most CEOs re-branding is not a business growth strategy they feel particularly comfortable with or qualified to lead. Few business leaders have a natural affinity for brand creation, and as a result are not able to manage these critical business perceptions Bezos describes.

With this in mind we’ve written The CEO’s Guide to Re-branding – A publication that explains the process for knowing when to re-brand, setting the right budget, finding the right agency partner and managing the process efficiently and effectively.

We’ve also included an article written by a client of ours – Damien James, Founder of Dimple Aged Care – on his re-branding experience. In his article Damien says; “Because we worked with the professionals, and we had a top-notch project plan internally, Dimple was launched on the market smoothly and neatly.”

But enough about us.

If you’re setting-out on the re-branding journey, or considering whether you should be, download our complementary CEO’s Guide to give you the clarity and confidence to take the next step.

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