Truly Deeply rebrands Fronditha Care


Fronditha care posters

Building on a tradition to create a vibrant aged care brand for future

The new brand identity builds on Fronditha Care’s strong reputation within the Australian Greek community to create a leader in the provision of aged care services for a multicultural audience.

Zoe Angeli, Executive Manager Public Affairs says that Truly Deeply developed a deep understanding of the organisation and its challenges. “The research that was undertaken was very thorough and brought to the foreground the real ethos of the organisation and how it was different to others in the sector.”

Our brand research highlighted that Fronditha not only provided a unique offering for the Greek community, but they also had a deep ethos that was relevant and compelling for a diverse multicultural audience.

The new brand essence, ‘Bounty of care’ builds on the brand’s heritage and creates a unique brand belief system. It’s all about going beyond physical and health needs and embracing a culturally rich environment that inspires celebration, fosters belonging and enhances well-being.

The new identity significantly evolves the brandmark whilst also keeping the brand’s heritage at the heart. Starting with the Greek Phi at the centre, a new tree icon symbolises being at the heart of community and family. It also beautifully symbolises the brand essence of the bounty of care rippling out into the community.

Accompanied by a strong friendly sans-serif font, the identity uses vibrant colour combinations and graphic ripples to create a unique, engaging visual identity that celebrates a soulful, culturally diverse and endearing leader in the sector.

Fronditha Care has been providing aged care services for Greek elders and their families in Australia since 1977. They provide residential care facilities and community services to diverse multicultural communities in Victoria and New South Wales.

To find out more about Fronditha Care, visit our case study.

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