Vogel’s bread creates an emotive brand connection


This is an add to brighten your Monday morning, sure to make you smile and feel warm inside.

Vogel’s celebrates diversity and uniqueness with an emotive and engaging TV commercial focussing on the real life stories of every day Kiwis. Goodman Fielder, with its creative partner Shine, has launched a new brand platform for the iconic Vogel’s bread. It’s all based around the uniqueness of Kiwis, and of the bread they love. The ad showcases that everyone brings something unique to the table.

“Vogel’s is a truly iconic Kiwi brand. One of those brands you work on and you immediately feel the responsibility of doing work that lives up to its history. It’s been a true collaboration with the team at Goodman Fielder. From the writing of the initial concept to the final edits. We’ve lived in each others’ pockets for months to get this right. We’re stoked to have made a campaign that feels so right for Vogel’s – one that celebrates the uniqueness of the place it has in the hearts of Kiwis everywhere” said Chris Schofield, executive creative director, Shine.

I love that this ad makes me smile and really connects to real and true emotion giving the brand a human side. It also breaks down stereo types and our automatic responses to people, who would have thought that Kenyan-born Suresh would be the only one able to recount every All Black player since 1987?

Professor and Pro Vice-Chancellor of humanities at Massey University, Dr Paul Spooney, said the ad underlined what he saw as “some of the key characteristics of the ‘super diverse’ nature of New Zealand in the 21st century”.


Gemma Dittmar
Director of Brand Projects

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