The humorous side of brand fatigue

So you build an amazing company…

You invest in branding to grow awareness and value in your brand over many years – Congrats, you’ve made the grade. But after all your hard work comes brand fatigue. Consumers start turning to the newest brand on the block, tired and bored with your offering, or even worse, they turn their nose up at you, no longer interested by your success.

This is a tough conundrum for successful brands. Staying fresh and avoiding brand fatigue requires an appetite for continuous brand improvement, a finger on the pulse of the market and an appetite for constant re-invention. But even the most loved brands can have a bit of fun poked at them.

Here’s some of my favorite branding tomfoolery…

From Cliff Dickens’ Honest Slogans:


From designer; Viktor Hertz:

From Lawrence Yang:


From urbinator17:

From Freaking News:


From OvejaNegra77:


From Light Blue Coffee:

Dave Ansett
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