Cannabis product packaging design takes a serious approach to brand building

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The new cannabis category takes a professional approach to packaging design

Harmony Extracts is a cannabis concentrate company that uses state-of-the-art extraction technologies to transform marijuana plants into high-quality, potent concentrates. A new company based in Denver, Colorado, which is one of the nearly 30 states where marijuana is now legal in the US. Harmony commissioned Pentagram to design its brand identity and packaging for the company’s initial line of products.

Pentagram are one of the world’s most respected design agencies with decades of experience creating identity and packaging design for many of the worlds best know brands. Although many agencies may have a familiarity with the product, Pentagram have been working on the fringes of this new category for a number of years, bringing with them insight, experience and professionalism.

The selection of a world class branding agency to develop their identity and packaging speaks volumes for Harmony’s vision and professional approach to all aspects of their business success. Typically when a new category forms the first brands to market they are professionally created. This is a sophisticated brand approach that will most likely provide a distinct advantage to the first ‘branded-mover’, justifying the investment made in packaging the brand professionally.

The Pentagram team sought to position Harmony as a high-end brand in order to establish a profitable and sustainable, differentiated niche in the rapidly evolving cannabis retail market. The idea behind the brand identity is a combination of hummingbird with marijuana-leaf shaped tail feathers, filled with a harmonious colour blend which shifts to suit different products in the range. The hummingbird is known as ‘nature’s little extractor’ a neat symbol for the company from both a functional and brand personality perspective. The ‘Harmony Hummingbird’ icon was paired up with a clean, contemporary typeface to complete the brand mark.

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Design: Pentagram

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