Fashion designer creating profit from scraps

When a high end fashion designer decided what he was doing was no longer meaningful he decided to create garments from factory scraps to create affordable, comfortable and on trend fashion.  He wanted to tackle the wasteful fashion industry and create a zero waste product to re-use scraps destined for landfill.

We’ve been learning a lot about shared value recently and this is a great example of how Daniel is using fabric scraps destined for the bin to create clothes which he can sell to make a profit. Not only does this reduce landfill, it makes the most of the effort and resources that has already gone into producing textiles.

The Zero waste Movement

This go me thinking about other ways we can contribute to Zero waste and I found this great video. It seems like this is becoming quite a movement especially amongst Millennials. Bring it on I say!!

Gemma Dittmar
Director of Brand Projects

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