Home Park Food Store in China reinvents the supermarket


In a category devoid of innovation and brand engagement, this supermarket concept in China breaks the mold.

Located in the city of Harbin, China, Home Park Food Store is a high-end retail food concept spread over 7200 square metres. Similar in concept to the Eataly model we’ve discussed previously, Home Park is divided into multiple ‘market spaces’. What the designers; TRIAD, have done so well is to create distinctively branded spaces for each part of the retail complex. This design approach takes a shopping centre mindset of many differently branded offers under one roof, but serves it up under one retail concept.

There are 18 different retail areas in the space, each separated by its unique design, so that each space has its own distinct design features: fruits and vegetables (The Barn), selected wines (La Cave), fresh seafood (The Fish Market), fresh meat (The Butcher), and a range of foreign goods and specialties (The Warehouse). These retail spaces are complemented by a dining area which brings together multiple concepts, each with its own branded space.

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Store Design: TRIAD China
Photography by Tim Franco


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