Level Crossings: The Easter Strategy

You might be wondering why I have chosen to write this blog, on Easter Monday of all days, about level crossings. Bear with me, there’s a point, I promise.

As you can imagine the removal of level crossings is a big operation. I may be fairly new to Victoria, but from what I have gathered, the removal of its 50 most dangerous level crossings is an arduous but well-meaning task and aims to improve public safety and convenience.

From my partner’s point of view, however, the removal of one level crossing in particular is about to affect her morning commute, thus making her a prime candidate for someone who may not be too happy about this development.

It was while we were talking about the incredible inconvenience of a whole 10 additional minutes to the journey (us Brits do love to complain about public transport), that a small act of acknowledgement happened and it really took me by surprise.

Stood outside Altona station was a member of the Level Crossing Authority, handing out Easter eggs and an information pamphlet to passengers (breaking the news if you will). And all of a sudden, they had forgotten all about the extra 10 minutes.

It was simple, yet very effective. A little bit of information and thought goes a long way. From a strategic point of view, what better way can say, I’m sorry for the inconvenience?

So as we come to the end of this long weekend, and we all start preparing to return to the working week, I wanted to bring this lowly Easter egg into the limelight:

Level Crossing Easter Egg

Whilst I hope you don’t have any inconveniences coming up, I hope you get to enjoy your upcoming tasks with Easter chocolate in hand.

Happy Easter everyone!


Lucy Sharpe

Account Manager

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