Truly Deeply creates a brand for Cammino shoes

Brand identity, naming and packaging for handmade Italian leather flats.

Working collaboratively with the brand’s designer, we unlocked Camminos true differentiation. A unique blend of Italian provenance, quality leather and artisan craftsmanship is at the heart to the value proposition. This was then brought to life with an evocative brand story.

The name ‘Cammino’ which means ‘to walk’ in Italian, builds another essence layer to the brand strategy. This also aligns to the brand’s belief that life is an adventure to be lived to the full.

Cammino is comfortable and stylish, made with the quality and flair found only in Italy. A shoe that fits snugly in your bag to slip-on for the journey home from work, racing between meetings, picking up the kids, or dancing the night away.

The Cammino brand identity takes visual cues from Italy, fashion and craftsmanship of traditional shoemaking. The brandmark is a distinctive hand-crafted typemark inspired by the design cues of the fashion category and designed to evoke a sense of craftsmanship. This is supported by a palette of soft colours and bold highlights. The brand imagery also dials up the brand’s Italian provenance combined with the key dimensions of fashion and craftsmanship.

Cammino marries artisan tradition with contemporary design to create the ultimate ballet flat. They are designed in Australia, made in Italy and sold direct to consumers online. Camminos are an everyday luxury for your feet, to suit any mood, outfit or occasion. Find out more about the brand here.

See the full case study here.


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