Bonds ad campaign breaking female stereotypes with ‘The Queendom’

Bonds The Queendom Campaign

New Bonds ‘Originals’ brand messaging on female stereotype’s in their recent ad campaign ‘The Queendom’ is an inspiring piece of brand communication strategy and a refreshing change in women’s underwear marketing.

Powerful and playful, the ad is set in remote Australian ‘bushland’ known as ‘The Queendom’. The protagonists are an underwear-clad community of strong young women who chop wood with bucket loads of attitude, let Huntsman spiders crawl across their bodies like they are the family pet, crack open macadamia nuts with their fists and apply beautiful metallic nail polish to their tips and toes.

The thing I love about the ad is the brand messages of empowered young women expressing their femininity and owning how they choose to express it. Unlike the thousands of underwear ad campaigns whose brand storytelling is so narrowly focused on stereotypically feminine beauty and body image myths. In ‘The Queendom’ campaign we see an indigenous model, plus-sized model, a model with visible scarring and heaven forbid we’re exposed to underarm hair.

Bonds The Queendom

Leo Burnett, Copywriter Holly Burgess who worked on the campaign says “The Queendom, a sassy twist on the traditional Kingdom, felt really natural. We were keen to throw a few stereotypes out the window and have a bit of fun with it in the process”. Head of marketing at Bonds, Emily Small says: “This range was made for young women and so we were excited to make some content that spoke to them. The brief was to create a space where confidence rules, without losing our Bonds sense of humour.

The campaign certainly delivers on the brief. Another powerful brand message from this campaign is the backstory of how profits from Bonds Originals will go to support the REACH Foundations life-changing workshops for young girls. We have mentioned in previous blogs that the cornerstones of any good brand strategy is differentiation, and through breaking female underwear stereotypes in this campaign, Bonds is building positive brand differentiation and supporting and empowering young women in the process.

If you haven’t already seen’ The Queendom – Chick Flick’ then check it out below.

Emma Ferris



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