THE:5th’s Swiss Brand Strategy Masterstroke


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How do you launch a category leader to the next phase of growth?

This was one of the challenges facing THE:5th when we sat down with them to develop the brand strategy for their next business phase (you can check a case study of our work with THE:5th here). In this case it was to build a premium layer of brand proposition around Swiss watch making. This week THE:5th announced their foray into the upper echelon of watch making – Swiss design and build.

With a strong confidence that their loyal audience of 5th customers was ready to take their watches to the next level, THE:5th have developed a series of partnerships with Swiss watch designers and manufacturers that have resulted in a new THE:5th Swiss range.

In the same way that the brand disrupted the watch category, they now look set to shake up the Swiss made watch industry, introducing the quality and design aesthetic of Swiss to a new generation of fashion oriented watch wearers.

You can read THE:5th Swiss story below, get a sneak peek at their new range, fund them on Kickstarter and enter a comp to win a trip to Switzerland.

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