Greta – A bold font to celebrate a bold young leader of our time.

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The ultimate Designer’s Mark of Respect.

You know you’ve made it as a global person of import when your hand writing is turned into a font. Over the years there have been fonts created by the hand writing of Barak Obama and George Washington to name a couple. Now, teen global environmental activist Greta Thunberg has had the ultimate, typographer’s compliment with a new, free to download font called; Greta Grotesk – recognition that for the typophiles pips even her recent nomination for the Nobel Peace Prize.


Designed by Tal Shub, along with a team of collaborators from his climate-focused design company Uno, the font was transposed from captured images of placards Greta sported and rallies around the world. “From the very first moment of seeing her sign, I was really impressed by the bold design and clarity of the message,” says Shub. “It seemed only right to make the letters from the powerful words that initiated this movement to be available to everyone.”

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You can download Greta Grotesk here.

Photo by Carlos Roso on Unsplash
Font Image: Tal Shub

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