ESPN Jordan Ad reminds us of the power of lateral thinking.

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When was the last time your brand thinking came from left field?

The say; ‘Necessity is the mother of all invention’, and for many brands things have never been more ‘necessary’ than they are now. Budgets are tight, consumer behavior is shifting, the world is going crazy and channels to market are filled with static – for brand owners, marketers and managers the challenges right now are through the roof.

In the middle of the brand chaos we’re experiencing I was struck by the power and impact of this simple add for ESPN Sport. And what struck me was a brand:
• Who was clear in their positioning and value proposition
• Who understood and was confident in their brand personality
• Who didn’t have the budget to pay an expensive celebrity for an endorsement, and
• thought laterally about how to achieve a greater audience engagement than they would have even with that big budget.

The impact of the add below was resounding. When released it caused a ripple of viral engagement and has been voted in the 50 best adds of the decade. The production was simple, budget low and all thanks to some clever and clear thinking from a brand who knew themselves inside out.


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