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Branding Inspiration from Big Red.

As so many people around the world become stir-crazy from self isolation, Heinz has come-up with with an inspired brand gesture. The Heinz Ketchup Puzzle has 570 pieces, each the exact same colour of Heinz’s tomato sauce. Heinz is giving away 57 of it’s puzzles in each of 17 countries around the world where it’s products are sold.

The choice of 570 pieces is inspired by the number 57 which has historically appeared on the product packaging all around the world. The number 57 has an historic relevance, initially used the original advertising slogan “57 Varieties of Pickles” by the H. J. Heinz Company, and then evolving into ’57 varieties’ which has come to stand for; ‘anything made from many parts or origins’.

Most inspiring for brand managers, marketers and owners is the reminder that as the world changes, the ‘new abnormal’ will create opportunities to position brands in new, fresh, compelling and engaging ways. Heinz have provided both inspiration and a reminder to look for those opportunities in the chaos of the coronavirus business environment.

branding agency Melbourne

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Pics courtesy Heinz.


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