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When Clients Design Their Own Logos…

In my 30 years of running our branding agency, the one thing that hasn’t changed is business owners and marketers thinking brand design is so simple they can do it themselves. There’s a well worn truism; ‘A little learning is a dangerous thing’ – but for some reason when it comes to branding that maxim is thrown out the window.

This clearly doesn’t apply to all clients, we’ve worked with more than a thousand over our time in business who understand and respect the critical role brand plays for their business and the value that comes with investing in specialist expertise to craft their brands for them. But every now and again we come across examples like this of brand owners DIYing and getting it so wrong they become a case study of ‘What not to do’.

Time to stop talking and let this picture tell it’s thousand words (no blushing please).brand agencies Melbournebranding agency melbourne


“Actually I’ve received many DMs regarding the logo. I have to explain to people one by one that it’s actually just a big straw inserted in a cup,” says Dewthai owner Irish, “I created it using an app called Logo Maker. We wanted to make a very minimal design and googled a lot of milk tea logos. Just to be unique and creative, we thought we’d focus on the straw. I guess it depends on how people look at it because everyone’s minds and perspective runs differently.”

Dewthai finally bent to the will of public sentiment and revised the brand with the help of Photoshop.

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Lost for words…

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