KFC brand adjusts for Coronavirus

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Time for a brand strategy re-calibration.

If I read one more coronavirus article stating how we’re all going to need to adjust to the new normal I’ll punch myself in the face. But like it or loath it, for brands of every shape and size this is exactly what’s now required.

Many businesses have adjusted to the changes of operations and audience imposed by the impacts of this global virus, but for most the brand is lagging. In the rush to adapt to coronavirus restrictions, brand management has been left behind, but winter is coming and it’s time to consider this important, long term aspect of repositioning your products and services.

Larger consumer brands have understandably been among the first to adjust, showing the way for others. KFC is a great example, recognizing the opportunity to build a brand communication campaign around the reworking of it’s 64 year old ‘Finger Licking Good’ tag line. In a stroke of brand genius KFC UK & Ireland have deleted their iconic tag line whilst keeping it top of mind for consumers. Replacing the tagline are cleverly crafted disclaimers such as, “Wash fingers thoroughly before lickin’,” “Lick fingers* at your own risk… “Finger lickin’ not currently advised,”  “Thumbs included,” and, “Caution: May cause finger lickin’.” Brilliant!

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Pics courtesy KFC UK.

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