Truly Deeply creates the brand for Vampr, the leading social platform for musicians

Vampr is the number one social platform helping creatives find people to collaborate with, create new music and monetise their work.

Simple direct and inclusive, Vampr’s proposition of ‘Let’s play’ defines the simplicity of finding and connecting to other musicians and creatives.

Truly Deeply created a brand identity that is intentionally digital first. It uses a colour palette that shines online and brings to life the brand personality of bold, progressive, and loud.

Visually, the icon connects play with achievement, a triangular play button resonates with sound vibrating from play to V.

In 2020, with a major upgrade of the platform and App, the ident and logo were upgraded to be simpler, bolder, and brighter.

The original brand identity design

A location-based social and professional networking platform, Vampr facilitates music discovery, collaboration, and communication between musicians, creatives, industry professionals, and fans.

Find out more about Vampr here.

See the full case study of the Vampr brand work here.

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