Back to Neon. One of the big brand trends of 2022.

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Flash, boom! Neon takes us back to the era many of us now yearn for.

Neon has been a strong trend this year with so many influences from the 80s and early 90s.

Nostalgic branding is very powerful, especially as millennials (my generation) are most lucrative and influential target audience for many brands.

From Fashion, to music and FMCG, almost everyone is tapping in this retro pop culture trend.

No longer just Kitsch and loud, the trend is evolving. Even luxury brands are finding their way to tap into some of the limelight.

Gucci is the latest to go neon with their new campaign for the Good Game capsule collection.

The visual language in the campaign is very retro and it’s all about loud and flashy neon colours.

They also have so many references to late 80s and mid 90s. They could have made it all about the digital and virtual world of gaming, but instead they took the retro path and made it feel very nostalgic.

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Nostalgia can evoke positive feelings and relevance to some brands especially when it is linked to fun times that match these brands’ identities.

Neon and sharp colours have been doing this job perfectly, they have been giving dance floor vibes are helping designers give brands fun and sparky visual identities.

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Neon has also been heavily used in packaging lately which allows many products stand out in the market.

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Dua Lipa is also sticking to the neon and disco vibes and it’s really working out for her.

It matches her music and personality perfectly and makes her more relevant to various audience.


A local example of a neon branding is a “Hello Bourke”; a new building in the city for retail and business opportunities.

Getting off the tram at Bourke Street mall, I saw a big board of a property ad “Hello Bourke”. The flashing colours and Neon branding made me so nostalgic that I found myself changing my Spotify playlist to Disco 80s.

However, when considering such trend, brands should always think if this would appropriate with their identity.

Neon and flashy colours are not for all brands. Like any trend, it can affect the brand negatively if its not relevant for the audience and inline with the brand’s personality.

Moe Alhorub




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