Truly Deeply rebrands Arca, Australia’s leading credit association

When Arca engaged brand agency Truly Deeply to reimagine their brand, they faced several key challenges. The previous Arca brand lacked influence, was misunderstood, had an outdated image, and was underselling its potential. The full name “Australian Retail Credit Association” itself was also problematic – cumbersome and not reflective of Arca’s true mission.

Insight unlocks opportunity

Through research, Truly Deeply uncovered that Arca’s true brand strengths lay in its people and performance. Members praised the value Arca provided and their positive experiences with the Arca team. However, the brand’s strategic positioning and visual identity were not aligned with these strengths.

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Compelling new brand strategy

The cornerstone of the transformation lay in crafting a compelling narrative that resonated with both internal and external stakeholders. The new brand promise, “together for credit confidence,” encapsulates Arca’s essence and articulates its compelling differentiation of uniting the industry to build confidence around credit practices.

The new brand architecture positioned Arca as the overarching entity endorsing the consumer-focused “Credit Smart” service. This clarified ownership while reinforcing Credit Smart’s credibility as an industry-backed, trusted resource.

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Friendlier and more relevant brand name

A key part of the rebrand was changing the name itself. The full “Australian Retail Credit Association” name was retired in favour of simply “Arca” – a friendlier, more memorable abbreviation that many stakeholders already used. Writing it as “Arca” instead of “ARCA” reinforced it as a pronounceable name rather than an abbreviation.

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Sophisticated new brand identity

Visually, the new Arca brandmark depicts the “A” monogram as two dynamic arches orbiting each other – representing how Arca unifies the industry. The energetic yet sophisticated identity extends across a vibrant colour palette, modern typography, and flexible visual system.

By strategically redefining the brand positioning and creating a distinctive new identity system, Truly Deeply has equipped Arca to become the unified expert voice for the credit industry in Australia. The rebrand has laid the foundation for Arca to clarify its mission, amplify its influence, and forge ahead with clarity and confidence.

Find out more about Arca here.

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