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5 Reasons why AI is bad at branding

AI’s capabilities have dramatically evolved, enabling machines to perform tasks once thought to be the exclusive domain of humans. Despite these advances, AI struggles with branding due to several intrinsic limitations related to creativity, cultural sensitivity, emotional resonance, and contextual understanding. 1. Lack of Creativity…

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Infographic. The power of AI for brands

The power of AI in helping brands promote, sell and enhance their products As artificial intelligence (AI) gathers momentum in our lives, our friends at have compiled an interesting infographic to look at its impact on brands and how we engage with them. Many…

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Gatebox and the brave new world of AI

Has artificial intelligence come of age? Tech firm Vinclu has created the ultimate companion for a new generation of overworked Japanese. Her name is Azuma Hikari, and she’s the AI persona at the heart of Gatebox, a $2,500 product that acts as a home assistant…

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Future Trend: AI creating brand opportunities you’d never dreamed of

New Tech Driving New Brand Trends Technology in general, and AI (artificial intelligence) in particular has been on the ‘new tech’ radar for years and the subject of Hollywood movies for longer still. But few who are not working in the tech space have grasped…

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