Gatebox and the brave new world of AI

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Has artificial intelligence come of age?

Tech firm Vinclu has created the ultimate companion for a new generation of overworked Japanese. Her name is Azuma Hikari, and she’s the AI persona at the heart of Gatebox, a $2,500 product that acts as a home assistant and companion.

At first glance the concept seems a little creepy, like maybe this is just another anime inspired, Japanese fantasy tickler? But the further I absorb, the more I begin to question whether that is my old paradigm brand resisting a generational shift in consumer behavior. Artificial Intelligence has been around long enough for us to get our head around what it can do, but seeing it executed in this manner, in a ready for market product is still a bit of a leap. But then I’m old enough to remember the mobile phone tech – smart phone tech – facebook Twitter and Snapchat consumer behavior revolutions. And I’ve gotta say, this feels as connected to human behavior and emotional needs as any of those that came before.

So whilst I’m taking a stand-back and watch approach to this one, at the same my mind is turning to the manner in which other brands from hotels and restaurants to retailers across fashion, food and just about every other category could be adapting this kind of AI tech to deepen the emotional connection connected to their brand experiences.

Dave Ansett
Truly Deeply Founder & Creator of Brands
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