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Qantas 747’s brilliant brand move

  A fitting brand gesture. To mark the final Boeing 747 swansong for Australian airline Qantas, the pilot en route to drop the jet to storage at a boneyard in the Mojave Desert flew a flight path that sketched-out the airlines iconic brand mark of…

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Easy Jet’s Look & Book, a Social Media Masterclass for Brands

The end of Instagram travel envy. The UK’s Easy Jet has launched a new booking app that takes their social media game to a new level. Look & Book is an app designed to turn Instagram travel inspiration into a reality. Look & Book identifies…

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Brand fails – 5 tips for managing brand mishaps.

Even the big boys can have a bad day… Recently a pic of a livery mistake on a Cathay Pacific jet went viral on social media – well viral in the world of plane and brand watchers at least. Somehow, someone in the chain from…

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Air France launches Joon – An airline built on brand strategy

Much more than brand spin – hopefully. Air France have announced to launch of Joon, an airline positioned for the European Millenial market. So what does that mean exactly and why should we believe this is more than just another low-cost airline brand entering the…

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Fashion design is the new black for airline brands

The power of design to beautifully deliver branding. Compared to most staff uniforms, flight attendants typically look pretty stylish, but with the bar being set at a high level, Chinese airline; Hainan is differentiating with haute courture. The airline brand’s new uniforms by designer Laurence…

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