Fashion design is the new black for airline brands

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The power of design to beautifully deliver branding.

Compared to most staff uniforms, flight attendants typically look pretty stylish, but with the bar being set at a high level, Chinese airline; Hainan is differentiating with haute courture. The airline brand’s new uniforms by designer Laurence Xu will be debuting at Paris Couture Week.

The uniform is based on a traditional Chinese dress called a Cheongsam combined with classic European shapes and comes in patterns featuring traditional imagery. In the fastest growing airline market in the world, Hainan is choosing to differentiate through design, capturing both a sense of local tradition and the romance of air travel.

More and more often, under constant pressure to deliver more products and services for less, businesses overlook the power of design as a sustainable brand differentiator. With a one-off, up-front investment, design has the capacity to capture the essence of a brand and deliver it consistently over any number of touch points. These uniforms for Hainan Airlines are a beautiful case in point.

Dave Ansett
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