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Glenn McGrath hunting scandal

There’s been a lot of negative press around Aussie cricketing legend, Glenn McGrath in the last week, as pictures of him on a ‘legal’ wildlife hunting safari in Zimbabwe back in 2008 have emerged. He’s pictured hoarding over his prized kills including an elephant, buffalo, hyenias and wildebeast. While I think the act is horrendous, I’m not here to comment on his actions, but what I am interested in, is what does it mean for his Breast Cancer charity brand, The McGrath Foundation?

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Matt Damon and Ben Affleck have been doing the Internet rounds, as they try to raise money for the East Congo Initiative and In a collaborative effort, the two celebrities offer the chance to hang out with them on a ‘best friend double date’, and tickets started at only 10 dollars each (in essence a donate-to-charity raffle). Similar to crowd-sourcing, the more tickets you buy (the more you spend), the greater reward you get — aside from the opportunity to win the major prize. But what sets this apart is their fantastic campaign video, which does wonders for both the charities and their personal brands.

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Australian tennis player Bernard Tomic was jeered by the crowd at Rod Laver Arena last week after withdrawing from a match at the end of the first set against Rafael Nadal. He feels that he was misunderstood and was adamant he made the right choice to succumb to the injury which had aggravated him since practice on the previous Monday. The unfortunate thing for Tomic is even if he did make the right decision, a large section of the public simply see it an another example of someone who finds ways to disappoint.

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Psycho or just plain brilliant?

Behind every great brand is someone who had the drive and smarts to kick start it. Some brands are born out of the boardrooms of large corporations, but many are the result of the inspiration of entrepreneurs. Individuals who had a dream big enough to push them to overcome the odds, to create something of true value and esteem. Professor Howard Stevenson from Harvard University states, “Entrepreneurship is the pursuit of opportunity without regard to resources currently controlled.” It is about self-belief and determination.  Alternatively some may describe an entrepreneur as a person crazy enough to be ok with working twice as hard as anyone else and with the prospect of never getting paid. Certainly entrepreneurs swim in uncertainty every day, especially as a start-up.

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Melbourne artist, Adrian Doyle, outrages street art community by painting iconic lane blue.

Melbourne’s iconic street art locations seem to be experiencing a dumbing-down, with some spaces descending into a chaotic mess of artless tagging. Rutledge Lane (a small alley off Melbourne’s iconic Hosier Lane) was one such space, with shambolic display of ‘brandalism’ covering what was once a proud Melbourne showcase. Read the rest of this entry »


In an article last week in the Age (9th July), actor Colin Friels was interviewed about his up and coming role in an independent theatre production Moving Parts, written by advertising creative David Nobay. What struck me about the article is that Friels expresses what everyone should be shooting for with their career personal brand – an opportunity to excel in something that you are naturally good at and that takes you to another place (you experience a sense of being totally in the moment). Read the rest of this entry »

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Why entrepreneurs might just be the saviors we’ve been waiting for.

March 2013
Peter Singline & David Ansett

For some reason the term entrepreneur has a slightly tarnished sheen to it, a little less grubby than a used car dealer, but only slightly. Entrepreneur is a description I avoid, despite having started-up my fair share of businesses. Yet I believe that when our children and their grand children look back on history, it just might be the entrepreneurs of the world who they praise for saving the planet.

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What did Lance Armstrong Teach You?

February 2013
Peter Singline & David Ansett

In recent times we have witnessed the demise of one of the world’s truly big personal brands in Lance Armstrong.

Interestingly, it became official in a very public chat with an even bigger personal brand, Oprah Winfrey. There has been much written and spoken about this very sorry story, but for us it represents a timely reminder of the fundamental dimensions that shape all of our personal brands. Certainly his tainted legacy of lying, cheating, doping and bullying to secure a victory is at the extreme end, but there are wider lessons to be learnt.

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branding agencyThey say revenge is a dish best served by… librarians
I spotted this image on and I couldn’t resist sharing. As the next chapter of Lance Armstrong’s fall from grace unravels before our eyes, it appears his fall from grace has been greased by the Manly Library authority who seem none-too impressed by the impact of his tell-all with Oprah. I particularly like the underscore of the word ‘Fiction’ and the judicious use of capital letters, betraying the strong undercurrent of emotion that flows beneath the professional and detached wording and choice of clean, san serif font – that smiley face sign-off isn’t fooling anyone

In the world of personal brand this is the sound of a big fish coming down to earth.




Virgin Australia’s  John Borghetti has all the moves!

For as long as Alan Joyce has been CEO of Qantas he seems to have been at logger heads with key stakeholders. Not so long ago it was with his pilots and currently it is with a bunch of dissent shareholders who think they could drive out a better result for Qantas. His life is even more complicated because the disenfranchised shareholders include previous Qantas CEO Geoff Dixon. It is not simply because Dixon is an ex CEO taking pot shots at Joyce, it also because he is Chairman of the Australian Tourism Commission, of which Qantas has been a long time sponsor.

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