Kylie Vs Kylie – The power of a personal brand name

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If there’s one sure sign you’re a global brand, it’s when you’re recognized by your first name alone; think Madonna, Beyonce, Adele and Kylie.
A trademark battle has broken out in the US where Kylie Jenner of Kardashian fame has been seeking to legally own the personal brand name ‘Kylie’, and the ‘original’ is having nothing to do with it.

It seems both Kylies (or at least their management) are cognoscente of the commercial value of such a trademark. Minogue has owned the rights to since 1996 – the year before Jenner was born. She also has sold more than 65 million albums, and has won Brit Awards, Grammys and in 2007 became the first-ever woman (and first foreigner) to receive Britain’s prestigious Music Industry Trusts’ Award.

Australian firm KDB who is representing Minogue has given Jenner a backhander, calling her a ‘secondary reality television personality’ and pointing out criticism Jenner has attracted including from disability activists and African Americans, The Guardian reports.

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Miss Monogue has worked for nearly 20 years to build equity in her personal brand – a long stretch without significant blemish. That equity must be acknowledged, respected and protected by the law in the same manner as any commercial trademark.

Dave Ansett
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