Trends in Social Media Branding – The Cinemagraph has arrived

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New social media trend for brands amps-up brand engagement.

Facebook is now promoting the use of cinemagraph profile photos in the form of short loop videos. A cinemagraph is a mix of a photograph and a video. It creates a visual where one or a few individual elements are moving while the rest of the image remains static. As the world’s most dominant social media network,with 1.55 billion active users this new feature lets brand and users express their individuality and connect with others in an even more engaging manner.

The business potential here is for Facebook advertisers who can take their brand communications and marketing up a notch by creating their own cinemagraphs. Cinemagraphs combine still image with video. The file is created by uploading a video to an editor, exporting the frames, and using a program like Photoshop to create an animated GIF. You can also give Cinemagraph Pro a whirl to create these types of files. Gif files are good to be used on social media and in blog posts. The cinemagraphs by their nature are a more restrained piece of messaging than video, and those same restraints can lead to some stunning content with real engagement appeal. This new, low-cost ad style on facebook is suited to small businesses with its ability to target advertising and engage with both new and loyal customers.

Ten Examples of Cinemagraph Craft:

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Some of the team at Flixel who have created a Cinemagraph ap recently put together a simple tutorial video showing how its done. You can check the video tutorial below.

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