5 reasons behind Donald Trump’s thriving personal brand

Donald Trump has one of the strongest brands in the world right now, and he didn’t have to change a thing to get there.

Donald Trump has become one of the most powerful brands in the world, with the Trump boom continuing to grow every day. Trump has demonstrated incredible staying power, despite many commentators predicting his campaign would fizzle out in due time. People can’t seem to get enough of Donald Trump, and despite his controversial nature, a new poll has recently been released showing him leading Hillary Clinton.

Witnessing an individual progress from real estate tycoon, to reality TV star to presidential hopeful is truly captivating. Trump’s brand power has been derived from his ability to differentiate his brand from other candidates, and maximise his relevance to the public. He provides a voice to the feelings of many individuals within the public, and articulates what they’re feeling on a larger platform.

Trump’s opinions are polarising; however, his personal branding techniques have truly demonstrated their effectiveness. Here are five attributes that are driving the Trump boom, and the key to his brand power:

1.Successful. Donald Trump inherently represents wealth and success. He portrays a sense that there is no sector he can’t conquer, with his personal success likely to translate to his brand. Wealth is utilised as proof of his credentials, and his desire to do everything on his own terms truly resonates with voters. Trump utilises his unconventional approach to politics to intensify his differentiation, and his success reinforces its effectiveness.

2.Consistent. Trump has been labelled brash and ridiculous by the media, the general public and his fellow Republicans, consistently. From his polarising opinions, and his willingness to alienate entire categories of people, he consistently delivers what is expected. Through every touch point, Trump is consistent, which enhances his brand’s credibility and ultimately his branding power.

3.Confident. Confidence is one of the most powerful brand attributes, and can be key to developing a strong army of brand ambassadors. Consumers have an unconscious preference for brands that have a clear understanding of who they are and what they represent. When Trump stated he was going to build a wall, and Mexicans were going to pay for it, there was no doubt in anyone’s minds that he would deliver.

4.Intriguing. Republican debate viewers are higher than ever, and Trump is a guest on every news and talk show program on air. The desire to hear what he has to say has been driving the demand for more Trump. His willingness to speak his mind, and question anyone and anything has commanded the attention of the general public and created a significant appetite for what he has to say. In order to build a strong brand with significant lasting power, a high level of interest is ideal, which encourages individuals to become emotionally invested in the brand.

5.Authentic. It is common practice for every politician to say what they need to, in order to win votes. Trump is funding his own campaign, and has remained true to himself by going against the grain of most politicians. Being ‘real’ is providing one of the biggest points of difference yet, allowing him to distinguish himself as exceptional.

Confidence, arrogance and big thinking have always been central to who Donald Trump is. He has not deterred significantly from how he is known, nor has he created a new persona in an attempt to win votes. Donald Trump is true to himself, for better or for worse, which is truly resonating with the public. Brands should look to Trump and how he has conducted himself throughout his campaign to learn how to build a powerful, long lasting brand.

Simon Wang
Strategy Intern 

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Credits: CBS News, Fortune & The Age

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