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EMD1WebMD announces their plan to capitalise on video content marketing

During their first appearance at the Digital Content NewFronts, WebMD announced to media buyers they will be intensifying their video marketing efforts. Shifting from predominantly being known for medical diseases and conditions, to lifestyle content featuring the likes of ‘how to’ and ‘what they didn’t tell you’ videos. The content provides various brands the opportunity to run their ads alongside the four categories of food, beauty, fitness and baby to an already extensive audience.

WebMD has been the go to for many people who require answers about a medical crisis or conditions. Having been around for as long as there has been the Internet, even predating YouTube, the brand equity possessed by WebMD websites would be greater than many other lifestyle sites offering similar content. Last year, WebMD websites reached more people each month than any other government or private healthcare site.

WebMD unveiled a total of 15 new series, including programming partnerships with Robin Roberts’ Rock’n Robin Productions and Soledad O’Brien’s Starfish Media. These efforts demonstrate WebMD’s efforts to keep up with current industry trends, as advertising gradually evolves into the world of content marketing. Video has slowly emerged as the medium of choice, with it being revealed that during April 2015, over 4 billion videos were being played back each day on the Facebook platform alone, and by September of that year the number had doubled to an astounding 8 billion views per day.

Marketers are increasingly seeing the power of video marketing, with marketers spending roughly $10 million on digital video each year. Given the existing reach and level of consumer engagement, the lifestyle content delivered will likely become an extremely attractive platform for advertisers interested in the health and fitness landscape.

David Schlanger, CEO of WebMD believes the brand is better positioned now than ever, to help connect customers with the content that they want and need. It had been identified that nearly half the existing audience visiting WebMD were searching for lifestyle orientated wellness content. The video content is intended to enhance the level of engagement from consumers, and encourage greater levels of advertisements to be delivered simultaneously.

Video content marketing has become a great way for people to satisfy their information and entertainment needs. They have the ability to be engaging, particularly in overly crowded markets bombarding the audience with valuable information. The information delivered is easy to digest, and research has shown that when useful video content is delivered, the audience tend to view the brand more favourably. WebMD’s shift towards a lifestyle site is perfectly aligned with the volatile trends of the online community. As time becomes increasingly scarce, many people are looking for efficient alternatives to digest large amounts of information. Leveraging on the existing brand equity of WebMD, the site is likely to boast a strong lifestyle following.

Simon Wang
Strategy Intern 

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Credits: AdWeek, MediaPost & Mashable

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