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Fresh New Retail Design from Japan
Tokyo has rightly earned the reputation for a city that thinks outside the square. Japanese design culture is often fresh, innovative and disruptive, and this retail space designed by Nobuo Araki/The Archetype is a bold example.

Following-on from The POOL Aoyama project where Nobuo Araki/The Archetype transformed an abandoned public swimming pool into a hidden fashion retail space, they have now launched PARK•ING GINZA. PARK•ING is an experimental dining and retail space across two underground levels of the Nishi-Ginza Parking Lot beneath Sotobori Street near Shimbashi Station. It has a capacity of 800 vehicles and has tenants including a rent-a-car station, restaurants and a rest area, giving it an atmosphere that differs from ordinary Tokyo parking lots.

As the architects describe;

“The store consists of a cafe, retail space and gallery, with no clear boundaries between them. Each section has been designed to be flexible and can host events independently, such as garage sales. The store encapsulates a sense of transience – one of the charms of a metropolis like Tokyo – and constantly provides visitors with surprises.

In order to accommodate the flexible nature of the space, temporary construction materials have been used throughout the interior. These materials resonate with the materials present in Nishi-Ginza Parking Lot. The result is that upon entering the store, visitors get a feel for the parking lot, with its atmosphere and materiality extend into the shop.

While THE PARK・ING GINZA embodies the transient nature of the metropolis, it also presents itself as a distinctively unique space within the chaos of Tokyo.”

Purpose Concept Space
Total floor 725.63m²

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We’re big fans of all and any thinking outside the box if it provides the opportunity for unique brand experiences to firmly differentiate them from their ever-present competition.

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You can check the project here:
Pics courtesy Nobuo Araki/The Archetype



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