Are business cards a dying breed?

In a fast changing digital world, we often get asked if business cards are still a necessity for your brand. While some people may see them as old fashioned, you would be surprised at how many people still like to carry cards and how important they can be to your business.

Face to face networking is never more important then in today’s virtual world, with communication playing a large role in finding business opportunities and establishing relationships. In some cultures the etiquette of exchanging business cards is taken very seriously. In Hong Kong for instance, if you are given a card and don’t offer one in return, you can basically wave goodbye to any business exchange and shut up shop right there and then.

Business cards will also always be there during any digital crisis such as internet outages, or heaven forbid, when your smartphone refuses to work, so you can’t exchange your contact details using certain apps. Also, don’t forget that people love getting things. Who doesn’t love a present, even if it is a little card to pop into our wallets? One thing to remember though is people can be judgey, its a fact. They will judge your business  based on your brand, the design, and even your choice of stock. *Cue the brilliant scene from American Pyscho*

So it is best to take the time to make sure your business card communicates your brand identity the right way, and of course shares the appropriate information which is targeted for your audience.

Don’t think of your business card as just a tiny piece of paper. Use it as a tool to show off your brand. Use it as a way to explain your business and as a way to build relationships with people. And most importantly, use it as a way to share how they can reach you, in a fast and easy way.

Here are some great card designs we have fallen in love with and would like to share with you. Admire them and maybe consider if your cards are branding your business correctly or if you think they need a little TLC. Call us today if you would like to discuss your card designs.

design agency truly deeply business cards brand melbourne

Koolaman by Truly Deeply, Australia

Renée Blakeley
Senior Finished Artist / Studio Co-ordinator


American Psycho photo courtesy of ‘Anatomy of a Scene’/The New York Times

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