KLM extends their brand experience beyond the skies


Building Broader Brand Relationships is Good for Business.

Many years ago, back when Apple was a personal computer business, Steve Jobs had a vision for Apple to play a valued part in more of the 1440 minutes in every person’s day than any other brand. This vision has been realized and along the way Apple has become the most valuable company in the world.

For many other brands (especially those with a consumer focus) Apple have set the blueprint for strong brand loyalty and capturing more of the value chain. The challenge for others is to follow that lead, build relationships beyond the traditional boundaries of their customer experience and in so doing become a more valued part of that person’s life, all whilst staying true to the brand strategy.

Netherlands based airline, KLM’s new Care Tag product is a brilliant example of this brand leverage mindset. The Care tag is a luggage tag equipped with GPS that provides audio tips and advice for travelers exploring the city of Amsterdam. Recorded by KLM flight attendants, the audio experience is richly authentic to the brand. Using the ‘location aware’ functionality, the tag provides relevant and timely advice such as where to rent a boat to explore Amsterdam’s scenic canals, providing an estimate of the taxi fare from Schiphol Airport to the city center, reminders on where to lock your bike and traffic warning at busy intersections.

With more than 1.5 million Youtube views in the first month, the Care Tag concept is proving to be a masterstroke of brand engagement before the first tag has even been dispatched.

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The Care Tags can be pre-ordered on KLM’s website, available from September 2017: https://caretag.klm.com/

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