Colourful creations for Pride month

As June comes to an end, we thought we would showcase 7 colourful designs celebrating Pride month this year. Each year, the LGBTQ community use the 30 days of June to commemorate the Stonewall riots which occurred in June 1969. This particular month reminds everyone that it is not just standing up for what you believe in and what you deserve, but also who and what you are proud of. Pride month provides an opportunity to shine a spotlight on equality and represents how far some nations have come since 1969. Using a collective voice, we, as a community can demonstrate an important message, that love is love. 

Take a look at some of the talented creatives proudly standing for Pride Month.

1. Over the Rainbow by  Jurek Mazurek  :  A simply perfect animation

Pride designs


2. Loving the detail in this creative piece from Sarah Kuehnle


3. Vector love by Jack Royle  : Loving the simplicity here


4. Pride by Viet Huynh  : The bold characters and peace sign all point towards fun


5. Happy Pride! from Casey Callahan  : Flashy in all the best ways resize 12


6. 30 Days of Pride from Vaieel  : 30 days of awesome creations, this is just 1, check out the rest on their website


7. Prrrruty typography by Sarah Pedregon  : The style is similar to our St Kilda brand (therefore of course it rocks) but loving the texture here also


You can see more creations from over the years here.

Renée Blakeley  
Senior Finished Artist

Big thanks to all the creatives for the imagery. 

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