Ruby Red chocolate hits town: KitKat leads the frenzy

I’m a self-confessed chocoholic. Like most sane people I love chocolate. In Melbourne, we are spoilt with chocolate shops, chocolatiers and chocolate cafés just as common as bakeries. Even the shopping strip near my home in the suburbs contains a chocolate café amongst only a dozen other retail outlets. So, it was no surprise when I was wandering through Melbourne central to discover KitKat Chocolatory.

It has been more than 80 years since the last chocolate variety was released worldwide and that was white chocolate. You can imagine the excitement people are having about a new variety that has just hit the market. Yes, that’s right a new type, move over white, milk and dark chocolate because here comes Ruby! It features a pink hue which is entirely natural, interesting berry flavour and the same smooth texture you expect from well-created chocolate. KitKat is the first to release this amazing new found wonder globally securing initial right from original producer renowned Barry Callebaut. We will see other chocolatiers release their own creations made from Ruby in months to come but for now, KitKat has the markets attention.

The sweet sensation will be showcased in Australia in two enticing limited release creations – KitKat Chocolatory Sublime Ruby and handcrafted KitKat Chocolatory Black Label Ruby. Sublime Ruby is similar to a regular KitKat – a classic wafer finger covered with premium ruby chocolate. The Black Label Ruby is where things get serious: it’s an eight-ginger bar, smothered in ruby chocolate and topped with dried strawberries, raspberries, and caramelised meringue.

“We are delighted to be launching ruby chocolate and believe Australians are going to love it,” said Connie Yuen, KitKat Chocolatory Head Chocolatier. “Our iconic batch-baked KitKat wafers form the perfect base to complement ruby’s naturally-occurring fruity notes.”

KitKat has elevated its brand over recent years through its chocolate stores. Where you can create your own individual KitKat flavours to premium handcrafted blends that are presented in more premium gift boxes. Compare this with your supermarket counter plastic wrapped bar and they would appear worlds apart.

How well is KitKat doing? Take Japan for instance.

Japan’s $5 billion chocolate confectionery market is Asia’s largest, according to Euromonitor International. It’s also one of KitKat’s biggest markets, creating enough demand that Nestle last summer built its first KitKat factory in 26 years. Meiji Holdings Co., a Japanese chocolate maker, is investing some 27 billion yen ($240 million) into extending two domestic factories amid growing chocolate consumption in the country.

This is a brand that knows what drives it market. It has evolved from not just the humble milk chocolate wafer snack bar but into a diverse range of increasing sophisticated flavour combinations. I’m yet to try the new Ruby flavour myself but will be heading back to the KitKat Chocolatory to see if the hype is worth it.

David Fry
Senior Designer & Writer



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