All Hail the Pantone


Everyone in the design industry is aware of the Pantone name and most probably even have a Pantone swatch mug gifted to them one xmas. The perfect gift for their “designery” friend or partner.

Pantone is the universal language of colour which steers the design world and all decisions made when finalising brands and production techniques. Designers all around the world rely on Pantone products to help achieve colour consistency and perfection. So with this being something that you value immensely to make those hard design decisions, why not start to include its awesomeness in other areas of your life.

Let’s take a look at 6 cool Pantone products to inspire you every day.

1. Pantone Stairs

Working in a studio with a gazillion stairs, I will be suggesting we do this to our studio stairs at the next studio meeting.


2. Pantone Xmas ornaments

With xmas around the corner, how cool would these be on your tree?


3. Pantone Iphone cases

These iphone cases are the perfect gift idea. The difficult decision being what colour to choose.


4. Pantone Bikes

You would probably need a few locks when leaving this bike outside. So bright, so good.


5. Pantone Watches

Unfortunately now discontinued on the Pantone site, these little beauties would have been another great gift-giving idea. A splash of colour for those designers who wear ALL black. *Puts hand up*


6. Pantone Hotel

Live and breathe Pantone? Now you can SLEEP Pantone. If you are ever in Brussels you should tick this one off your list.


Renée Blakeley  
Senior Finished Artist


Image credits go to:

Style-Files; Pantone ; EstileromaPantone Hotel

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