Microcations – the latest trend hitting the travel category.

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The Microcation is officially a trend

Being driven predominantly by millennials, the microcation is a short getaway that is gaining popularity fast. Research from the U.S. (The 2019 Vacation Confidence Index* released by Allianz Global Assistance) has shown that 72% of millennials, 69% of Gen Xers and 60% of Baby Boomers all took at least one microcation in the last year.

A microcation is considered to be any trip lasting four nights or less – think planned long weekends. These shorter vacations are replacing the traditional, week-long breaks. For many these shorter trips are a better fit for their busy lives. One rationale for the trend is that shorter trips are easier to fit with contemporary work and lifestyle demands. The idea of taking more trips, but shorter in length taps into the experience economy and also addresses the potential for FOMO – Fear of Missing Out in work or social life. Microcations also have the potential to cost less than longer vacations, with domestic destinations making more sense than exotic far-away locations.

The microcation trend has the potential to disrupt the travel industry, which at the same time creates opportunities for players willing and able to meet this changing demand. Bundling experiences around a four day get away for domestic audiences is a real opportunity. Finding ways to re-imaging travel times, insurance, luggage, check-in and check-out, dining and micro-experiences are all opportunities first-movers will be brainstorming as I write.

If you have a business that serves this category, the question for you is what are you doing to be part of this consumer trend?

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