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84 facts every brand owner and manager should know about Social Influencers.

Arguably this decade’s greatest disruptor to the way brands go-to-market has been the emerging force of social influencers. In a conversation recently with the founder of Australia’s leading cosmetic retail brands when I posed the question; “Where do you see your greatest brand risk today?” the answer was; “The most powerful social influencers”. What used to take a business years to develop by way of new product, launch and market awareness can be swamped overnight by the launch of a similar product from a social influencer. Similarly we are now seeing category leaders who have built their brands and businesses entirely on the back of social influencers promoting their product.

Whilst it’s clearly no passing fad, this new approach to marketing is as slippery as an eel to grasp, let alone master. We’re big believers in understanding the data around how any new brand channel works as a starting point for brand managers to build a strategy for engagement. Our buddies at have been working on a great infographic that shines a light on how social influence works for brands, why it is effective and what the next generation of social influencing looks like.

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