31 New Killer Custom Typefaces

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Custom font design a branding hero.

Over the years we’ve published several collections of our favorite customer designed fonts. Our collections skirt the weird and wonderful, celebrating those who push the envelope of typography. And whilst I love the creativity of this brand design work, there’s a hard working, functional aspect to these typefaces.

Unique visual properties are visual elements of your brand identity that position your brand and its strategy in the hearts and minds of your target market, but just as importantly, achieve that through fresh and unique visual language. Too many visual identities utilize the same small handful of type styles, leaving the door open for brands to create remarkable and distinctive typefaces that reflect their unique brand proposition and personality. In my 30 years of creating brands I’ve seen the number of fonts available explode from a total of 300 fonts to an almost infinate array to choose from. However, for those that truly stand out as distinctive, brands need to look at custom designed, hand crafted solutions. And whilst not for every brand, the principle behind these unlikely types should act as inspiration to seek a more unique brand visual language.

Enjoy our latest collection of custom designed fonts…


branding agency Melbourne

branding Melbourne

01. Plastic Bag Font by Hand Made Fonts.

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branding agency Melbourne

branding agency Melbourne

02. Pneumonia Font by Pat Simons.


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03. RS Bold Font by Lou Medel.


design agency Melbournebranding agency Melbourne

04. Thinking of You Font by Hand Made Fonts.


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05. Toy Soldier Font by Unknown.


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brand agency Melbournebranding agency Melbourne

06. Type Cycle Font by Marcel Piekarski.


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07. ABC Font by Lalala Toys.


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08. Alphabet Font by Birgit Palma.


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09. Bacterial Font by Kun Qian.


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10. Banana Fun Font by Hand Made Fonts.


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11. Beach Font by Kalle Mattsson.

branding agencybrand agencies Melbourne

branding agency Melbourne

12. Birdhouse Font by Unknown.

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13. Body of Letters by Damien Meyer.

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14. Burning Wood Font by Hand Made Fonts.

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15. Cat Font by Martin Lofqvist.

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16. Classic Font by Gao Yang.

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17. Stone Font by Clotilde Olyff.

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18. Fashion Font by Yvette Yunjung.

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19. Fingertype Font by Unknown.

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20. Freaks Alphabet Font by My Name is Wendy Studio.

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21. Alphabetti and Numberetti Font by Leo Reynolds.

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22. Miro Font by Unknown.

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23. Nine Looks Font by Dario Devic & Hrvoje Zivcic.

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24. Burnt Match Font by Unknown.

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25. Pancake Font by Hand Made Fonts.

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26. Wooden Origami Font by Unknown.

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27. Woolly Socks Font by Hand Made Fonts.

brand agency Melbourne

branding agency Melbourne

28. Pink Ribbon Font by Hand Made Fonts.

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29. I Am Ahab by Aaron Kaufman.

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30. Wire & Wax Type by Aaron Kaufman.

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31. Eye Candy by Pat Simons.

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