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The power of brilliant brand identity design

Brand Recognition = Commercial Value. In these times of desktop publishing and 99 Designs when the tools to create logos are at everyone’s fingertips, it is easy to overlook the commercial benefits of a professional brand identity. This clever creative experiment from Berlin Agency ‘Why…

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The Power of a Symbol in Brand Identity Design

Should your brand identity design include a symbol? Working on a project currently we have a client keen to steer the creative process of their brand identity design in the direction of a logotype, that is a brand mark made-up of the word only without…

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Why Rebrand?

The how and why of rebranding. Whether you’re planning on attracting new clients and customers, selling more products and services, growing awareness or growing margins, re-branding is a truly effective strategy for your business. Your brand can require updating for a multitude of reasons including;…

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Bridge Theatre Brand Identity – beautifully unique brand design

Brand Identity Design I Love. Located in London, The Bridge Theatre will be the official home of the London Theatre Company, an independent producing company focusing on new shows, as well as staging the occasional classic. This simple but powerful identity for the new theater…

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The 2017 Colour of the year is… Greenery.

Setting the colour trend for 2017 Annually global colour standard; Pantone release their trend prediction for the colour of the year, a color that reflects the current cultural climate. The colour of the year is a symbolic color selection; a color snapshot of what we…

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Clever banana packaging is very a-peel-ing

There is nothing more frustrating than walking into a supermarket or grocery store and seeing fresh produce wrapped in plastic. It makes no sense! The overload of plastic is a major problem, making it more important than ever for brands to be clever when designing…

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