Vale Milton Glaser – A True Design Icon

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Designer of possibly one of the world’s most iconic brand marks, Milton Glaser died this week on his 91st birthday.

In an industry that burns-out most of it’s brightest stars in years, Glaser’s creative career lasted decades as he inspired multiple generations of designers and played a weighty role in the birth of graphic design as a valued business profession.

Words pale in contrast to his rich and evocative design work. Creative through his last years, the world is paler without Milton Glaser.

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Glaser in 1974. Credit – Milton Glaser Studio

“Design is the process of going from an existing condition to a preferred one. Observe that there’s no relationship to art.”

—Milton Glaser on the difference between design and art at the Guggenheim Museum in 2017

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At the time of his death, Milton Glaser was working on a graphical treatment of the word “Together,” to evoke the idea that during the separation of the pandemic, “we have something in common.” Credit – Milton Glaser


On I ♥ NY logo imitations: “I like them all… you do work because you want to affect the world. I did something that a lot of people were affected by.”

— Milton Glaser in an interview with DesignTAXI in 2010

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Pics from Milton Glaser.

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