Apple’s WFH short film taps into the new normal.

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A brandertainment masterclass from Apple.

There have been few times if-any over the last few decades where life has been thrown on it’s head for much of the world as has been the case due to coronavirus. One of the most significant changes has been working from home – or as it’s become known; WFH.

WFH has reached social phenomenon status such has the shift been in our lives. There are millions of memes, tweets, Instagram posts and Tik Toks sharing this strange new part of our life with the world.

As all boss brands do, Apple has identified and tapped into the social trend in a way that naturally inserts their products and brand into WFH life. Their latest brandertainment effort is this short film I stumbled across today, and with more than 7 million views in the first 48 hours shows they still have their Branding A-Game, virus-or-not.

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Pics from Apple.

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