Samsung ad mimics iconic Apple campaign.

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Clever Campaign Leverage or Brand Positioning Balls-up?

If as they say; “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery”, Apple should be feeling pretty chuffed about this new campaign by Samsung for their Galaxy Z Fold 2. In this short clip a street artist is seen tagging a Samsung ad which plays off the iconic Apple; ‘Think Different’ copy line. The artist changes the word ‘Different’ to ‘Bigger’, a play on the double-size screen of the z Fold 2.

From a brand positioning perspective I find this fascinating.

The ‘Think Different’ campaign effectively positioned Apple as the iconoclastic tech brand who could lead a new generation to a better (and cooler) life. The campaign along with Jobs’ vision and innovative product design created the platform for Apple to grow from upstart start-up to the world’s second most valuable brand, valued at US$352 billion in 2020, second only to Amazon and ahead of Google and Microsoft. By any measure that is a bold and powerful piece of brand positioning.

By taking the ‘Think Different’ positioning line and re-imagining it as ‘Think Bigger’, Samsung is actually thinking smaller. This simple change takes a huge concept with the capacity to capture the hearts and minds of a generation and transforms it into a mainly functional line with a benefit that is only relevant for a short term campaign. This small minded differentiated value proposition is only of worth until the next phone brand releases a bigger screen. That’s the problem with functional brand positioning.

What originated as a clever ad idea to leverage off the Apple campaign might actually be a more revealing insight into the different mindsets of an innovative brand with a huge vision to change the world, and a huge global brand with a vision to sell more phones.

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