Sex Brand seeks to grow the category with cheeky Valentine’s ads

As a newbie in the market, Sex Brand is attempting the ‘grow the category’ approach with a campaign to encourage young Brits to start bonking again.

Amongst all the lovey-dovey fluff for Valentine’s Day this year, Sex Brand bluntly told zoomers they are getting enough. Worse still, they are prudes compared to their parents.

A cheeky stunt? Maybe, but the brand seems to be committed to improving the sex lives and helping people get jiggy again.

The Sex Brand messaging is strong and does appear to be backed by some genuine beliefs that tick all the pc hot buttons (although they might be overdoing ‘positivity’). They also have some strong proof points on why their products are better.

In what is a fairly ubiquitous category, is this a brand that has found some compelling differentiation and a way to drive more condom sales? Time will tell.

In the short term, they seem to be winning some converts. There’s no shortage of happy customers who are willing back up their performance with 5-star reviews.

Learn more about the Sex Brand proposition below.

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