Can Snapchat be an Effective Communication Platform?

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As Instagram announces its changes to their timeline, are brands already planning for the future?
Instagram have recently announced they will be gradually rolling out a new algorithm based timeline replacing the existing chronological format, with a broad roll out expected in the coming months. This change could have brands looking to abandon Instagram as a communication platform and considering their options moving forward. This change will allow Instagram to start choosing which posts users will see and in what order, which could relegate brand page’s posts to the sidelines leading to their content being seen by just a fraction of users who follow the page.

This change may have pushed Snapchat to the forefront of many marketing manager’s minds. Snapchat is one of the fastest growing social networks, with a reported 100 million users daily and allows brands to produce daily stories that engage the target audience. The content delivered allows for a more authentic view of the brand, and natural storytelling capabilities providing a powerful and innovative marketing tool.


Snapchat has revolutionised social media combining its time sensitive content with unique designs, addictive content delivery methods and a fresh new approach for communications. The platform allows brands to communicate with the target audience in a short, sweet and to the point manner, which is critical in an era of decreasing attention spans. In addition to this, Snapchat equips brands with the ability to develop a genuine and compelling social voice without filtering and professional editing allowing for a more genuine experience.

Snapchat provides a platform for brands to capture the everyday life of a brand, providing a raw and intimate experience for followers. Brands are able to create a narrative for users and build a unique brand persona, which engages the target audience. Providing a more personal connection between the brand and the audience, can assist with building a stronger following as the brand’s true intentions and mission are portrayed. Posts that incorporate personality can assist followers to connect with the brand on a more intimate level encouraging greater levels of brand engagement.


Snapchat commands the attention of followers and creates a sense of urgency to view the time sensitive content, or they run the risk of missing out all together. This feature encourages users to check back to the platform on a regular basis, allowing for better reach of communications. Followers are likely to better understand the brand, how they operate and what they have to offer, which can help develop a level of trust as followers are aware of how operations are undertaken.

Snapchat’s authentic platform can assist brands to make an impact, and strengthen how followers perceive the brand. Brands are able to communicate with followers on a more personal and intimate level, and reinstate what the brand stands for. Whether or not brands will completely abandon Instagram is yet to be known, however Snapchat is becoming a powerful marketing tool, and it will be interesting to see which brands will utilise Snapchat and how they will go about it.

Simon Wang
Strategy Intern 

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