The Simplicity of Being Nude – A Brand Delivering the Bare Minimum


Taking a Nude approach. Domestic glassware brand all about simplicity.

Nude is a new domestic glassware brand that insists “simple is beautiful”. Nude want to appeal to a younger target market and brings a fresh new angle to a pretty out-dated and fair to say boring industry of glassware. Nude’s website, packaging and designs are simple, fresh and contemporary.

The creators of Nude began questioning the current market and the need to strip away ‘anything and everything’ that was not needed and anything that served no real purpose in the strategic and design thinking. Clarity and simplicity are the two main focus points across Nude’s logo, design and visual language and imagery. They have used the colour pink to add a soft but humorous touch, and geometric lines in the logo which trace the curves found in the blown glassware range.




From memory, there are no real stand out brands that dominate the homewares market (especially in the glassware range). When I first came across the brand on a website, I wasn’t completely sold, however it did spark an emotion (which a brand should do) so I decided to explore more. As I looked into the brand a little more I began to understand the strategy and reasoning behind the design, website and packaging. And I like it.

Check out this nice little brand story from Nude featured on their website:

We are Nude

We live in a confusing world; too many choices, too many products, too much ‘noise’.

Nude believes things can be different; the remedy simple.

Simple is beautiful.
Simple is pure, clear, transparent.
Simple is useable, clean, uncluttered.
Simple is convenient, reliable, timeless.

Simple is all of these things, and also the reason things are so rarely simple.

Because designing and making something simple is not as simple as it seems.

This idea of simplicity is the guiding principle behind Nude.
It is reflected in our design-aesthetic, our mind-set and culture.
The result is our promise reflected in glass.
Nude… simple is beautiful.

Olga Dumitriu
Client Account Executive 

Image Credits: Nude, Saffron Brand Consultants

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