#SLEEPREVOLUTION – Huffington Post’s Global Sleep Campaign

The Sleep Revolution

The Sleep Revolution – A book all about the Zzz’s.

We all know the effects of a bad night’s sleep. THE SLEEP REVOLUTION is a newly released book by author Arianna Huffington written to educate people about the benefits of sleep and how often this is overlooked. New York’s Huffington Post has launched a global sleep campaign #SLEEPREVOLUTION to highlight the many dangers of sleep deprivation. In addition to the campaign, Huffington Post has partnered with health and wellness brands to promote the importance of good sleep.

The Huffington post first launched their sleep editorial in 2007, followed by introducing nap rooms in 2011. The new release of the book THE SLEEP REVOLUTION is all about transforming your life one sleep at a time, and the benefits of a good rest. The effects of a bad sleep can include low productivity, decreased happiness, changes in physical appearance and much more. Celebrities and major brands like Airbnb and Victoria’s Secret have quickly jumped onboard this movement and are teaming up with Arianna to spread the message that sleep is vital.

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THE SLEEP REVOLUTION is said to be much more than just a bedtime read, it’s a ’cause’. Arianna and The Huffington Post are working towards educating people on the importance of sleep and removing the delusion that a ‘burnout’ is the price we must pay in order to be successful, especially in the workplace.

Below are some health and wellbeing concerns around not getting enough sleep daily:

– It can lead to more serious health problems (heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure and more).

– Impairs concentration, reasoning, problem solving, memory.

– Slows down your metabolism, weight gain and increased hunger urges.

– Moodiness and irritability, depression.

And the list goes on.

So, how much sleep should adults be getting daily to avoid any health or wellbeing issues? It is said that the average adult needs between 7.5-8 hours of sleep every night.

Olga Dumitriu 
Client Account Executive 
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