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From boring and monotonous to creative and exciting – the success story of Samsung Mobile

Thinking back to a decade ago, when consumers thought about Samsung, the image of a true technology and innovation company would spring to mind. Fast forward to now, Samsung represents a fun and engaging lifestyle brand, which possess the abilities to convey a meaningful story to consumers. Executive vice president of marketing, Younghee Lee credits the transformation of Samsung Mobile to the change in mission, shifting from ‘technology for the sake of technology’, to ‘technology for everyday users’ – demonstrating a true understanding of their core consumers.


Samsung has evolved into a brand that is no longer just about the technology. It has become a powerhouse lifestyle brand, successfully illustrating what Samsung products can make possible. Shifting away from focusing on the products themselves, the market appeal of the brand – in particular to millennials has skyrocketed. Samsung have convincingly crafted a brand positioning of ‘innovative, with a bold attitude’  which is something that has truly resonated with its core audience. By delivering communications encouraging consumers to ‘achieve impossible things’, Samsung have successfully inspired their target audience to lead a  life filled with richer digital experiences.

The brand has maintained its practice of relentlessly pursuing what they think is right in technology, while also employing this belief for their communications strategies. By engaging markets in ways that are thought to be right, and doing so with absolute persistence, Samsung has been able to overtake smartphone heavy-weight Apple as the leading smartphone manufacturer. The communications delivered into the market have remained consistent, establishing their reputation for being a creative leader within a global society, ensuring consumers understand their commitment to creating a future that is exciting and promising.


The onset of Samsung’s market power was initiated by their ability to dominate social media. Utilising the platform to win the hearts of their consumers, and investing heavily in social engagement, the foundations for creating a lifestyle brand were set. Social media allowed Samsung to keep the ‘Galaxy’ brand young and fresh, equipping the brand with the abilities to consolidate their story telling capabilities. The communications illustrated the smartphone’s ability to provide a gateway to a bigger world and a galaxy of experiences, demonstrating their understanding of the desired demographic’s interests, attitudes and opinions.

While many of Samsung’s communications appear to be inspired by Apple’s once unique campaigns, the approach adopted by Lee has proven to be a success. Recently earning the Creative Marketer of the Year Award, Samsung have proven their understanding of how their products and technologies can create meaning in the lives of consumers. By adopting a creative and bold approach, the heritage of meaningful innovation and defying barriers is maintained, while keeping creativity at the heart of their communications.


With several prominent marketing professionals being added to Samsung’s marketing department, headhunted from the likes of Unilever and Procter & Gamble, the marketing efforts of Samsung are likely to be just warming up. If existing communications are anything to go by, consumers can expect to see more innovative, bold and appealing lifestyle marketing initiatives from the brand in the not too distant future.

Simon Wang
Strategy Intern

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Credits: AdWeek, Android Authority & Samsung Mobile

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