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Have you ever had one of those moments where you’re drifting off to sleep and a great idea or solution pops into your head, only to be lost the next morning, unless you take time to get up and write your thoughts down? Or maybe you find your ideas are flowing when you’re zoned out in the shower or travelling to work? Ever wondered why it seems to be at these ‘inconvenient’ times, rather than when you’re focusing on the situation, that the solution just ‘magically’ appears?

Often it’s because in these moments of drifting, when we’re not actively thinking of anything at all, that we create the space for ideas to come through. Without the clutter of an overactive mind, our sub-conscious mind and intuition can bubble up with the perfect solution – it’s always been there, but the noise of our thinking has drowned out the answers we’ve been seeking.

So how do you tap into that creative space in a more conscious way? By re-creating that place of stillness through practices like mindfulness, meditation and conscious ‘non-thinking’. When we take time to quieten our mind, even for 5-10 minutes several times a day, we are giving ourselves the opportunity to stop, take a breath and allow things to flow, rather than continuously thinking, striving and doing.

At work we can constantly be under pressure to achieve, to meet the deadline, get the job done and focus on our seemingly never ending to do list. When the demands of work become overwhelming we tend to shorten our lunch breaks and put in the extra hours, believing that the more we focus and the harder we work, the more likely we are to achieve our outcomes. But it’s actually the opposite that’s true.

How often have you felt a sense of relief by simply writing out your to do list, rather than having everything cluttering your mind and feeding the overwhelm? This same feeling of relief can be magnified when you take regular breaks from thinking and doing, and quieten the mind. It’s amazing how much better you feel and how easily ideas and creativity start to flow, from this space of inner stillness.

Here at Truly Deeply we understand and value the space of the ‘empty mind’ and how it can contribute to our daily work life. Each week we take it in turns to run a ‘mindfulness’ session, and for 15 minutes the studio downs tools and comes together for some time away from projects and deadlines to reconnect within.

This simple act of taking time away from our thoughts allows us the space to reset, going back to work with a clearer head and the possibility of seeing things with fresh eyes.

Whether it’s a group session or something you do on your own, try giving yourself the time and space to silence the ‘monkey mind’, allowing your creativity and ideas to flow. And perhaps needing a notebook by the bed to capture your ‘fleeting brilliance’ will no longer be needed!!

Catherine Howarth
Senior Account Manager

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