4 website inspiration galleries to drool over

As a designer, I’m constantly on the lookout for websites that don’t fit the mould of a stock standard template design. If a site is intriguing, invites me to explore various elements on the page, and looks unique, it goes straight to my bookmarks bar.

This bookmark folder gets quite the workout and is frequently updated, reorganised and sorted through. Among the lists of websites that I have stashed away for browsing pleasure, there are four websites in particular that I like to visit for their collection of awesome sites.

The only danger is once you start browsing, it’s hard to stop. Take a look.

The Gallery

My go-to website for minimalist website designs that haven’t sacrificed personality. What I love about this collection of sites is the diversity in style and user experiences. You won’t find many hamburgers around here.


A collection of beautiful typographic based websites. Typewolf is also an incredible resource for designers looking for inspiration when choosing fonts, or pretty much anything type related.

The Perfect Grid

This Tumblr site is a fantastic archive of super sleek website and app designs. This page also features specific UI elements which is handy if your website design is in need of some TLC when it comes to the little details.

Site Inspire

Site Inspire is a showcase of awesome website and interactive design. You can filter through different categories of websites to find exactly the inspiration you need. From schools and universities to type foundries and travel agencies. You can also browse by style such as corporate, unusual navigation, hand drawn, use of video, etc.

Happy browsing!

Hannah Guilford

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