10 annoying things designers do

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Designers can’t help it. It’s not our fault. We like to judge. We are picky. We like to openly criticise design, even if no one asked us our opinion. It’s in our DNA. We seriously can’t help it, fact.

We are a collective who are inspired by everything we see. We LOVE packaging design and will no doubt buy something just because of the box it comes in. Then we will most probably keep said box for the next 5 years because, well, it’s a cool box. And yes we will judge you for choosing Papyrus as a menu font. We are sorry but that font should have been ‘discontinued’ after it’s big debut in Avatar. Ryan knows what we are talking about.

Just because we are a collective which judges, does not mean we are bad people, we just have a certain way we see the world and want to share our design views with you (even if you do eye-roll every time we get a little too loud about the new logo colour choice at our local cafe).

We thought we would compile a list of 10 annoying things we do, to show you that we know we are annoying but we want to say a big thanks for putting up with us anyway.


1. We really really really do not like PCs.

“Oh, you’re using Windows? That’s nice” is something you will never hear a designer say. We will judge your PC and your Windows and won’t be shy about it.


2. We seriously LOVE fonts, typefaces, you name it.

We may not be able to afford the bus but we will always find money for that perfect font.


3. We love blabbing about Pantone colour swatches.

Which makes Pantones the perfect gift giving idea! Here are some handy gift hints for your designer friend with Christmas around the corner…


4.  We love critiquing your menu and will judge the hell out of it.

This is a big one. Note to yo’self, spell check.


5. We do judge books by their covers…only literally of course.

We love looking at pretty covers and will most probably wear out our welcome in your bookstore.


6. 90% of our clothing is black.

Call it our ‘uniform’ if you will. But we do try to add pops of colour where possible.


7. Be careful what you advertise.

We will judge everything about your ad and your choice of using 10 fonts in such a small space AND your choice of clashing colours. Sadder news is we probably won’t buy your product either. #sorrynotsorry


8. We love using words like “vector” and “kerning”.

Yes we know it’s an annoying trait to those who don’t know these words. We’re sorry. But here, play this game and you too can join in the fun!


9. We love everything print related and collect it like a Nana collects tiny porcelain knick-knacks.

We will also probably hang onto it for a ridiculous long time.


10. Our social media pages are a window to our SOUL.

Not really. But you get the gist that we must have only the best posts. You won’t see any snap chat dog filters or blurry posts anywhere on our pages.




If there are any others that you feel we have missed, feel free to add them below. We love to know what annoying things we do.


Renée Blakeley  
Senior Finished Artist

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