The 5 Most Interesting Consumer Trends for 2019

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The very clever guys over at have released  an overview of the five most interesting consumer trends they’re seeing for the year ahead. This is part of a much deeper piece of thinking they produce each years for businesses across every category. You can subscribe to their Premium Service to harness a global Trend Department at your fingertips.

Progressive consumers will welcome the ‘law of the brand’.

In 2019, frustrated consumers will welcome LEGISLATIVE BRANDS: corporate interests using their significant power to call for, promote, and even impose laws that drive constructive change and make the world a better place.

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Why an extreme test and fix mindset is the future of wellness.

In 2019, LAB RATS will see human wellness and lifestyle as an engineering problem to be solved. This outlook, with its origins in the Valley, will see rising numbers enthusiastically apply a test and fix approach to optimizing their health and lifestyle outcomes.

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A bold new frontier for sustainability.

In 2019, the boldest and most inspiring organizations will embrace OPEN SOURCE SOLUTIONS: sharing and even giving away their innovative solutions to our toughest shared problems.

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It’s time for our emerging AI overlords to play fair.

In 2019, rising numbers of consumers will demand SUPERHUMAN RESOURCES: ethical AI and algorithms that deliver fair and unbiased decisions.

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Imagined and real worlds collide in the name of play.

In 2019, fanciful worlds will permeate the real world as never before. As consumers seek out FANTASY IRL and play on the blurring boundaries between real and imagined, smart brands will join in the fun!

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These trends are an overview of the report created by David Mattin, Global Head of Trends and Insights at TrendWatching. They represent just a small part of what’s happening in the global consumer landscape. For all the detail and loads more rich and valuable info. head to their site.

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